Checking Out Someone Else

And by this, I mean checking out their blog. Grad school is back and cranking again, and I am so thankful I have something to distract me from this job search/life limbo/”who am I?” phase I’m swimming in. For my first assignment in Digital Marketing, my professor Joanne Borek, (who rocks an eyebrow ring, a tat on her inner arm, swears as much as I do, and insists agencies have more fun — I like her already) has asked us to first, start a blog (done), and second to critique someone else’s.  Since I’ve been critiqued so harshly (I imagine) during my interviews lately…I’ve decided to turn the tide and share some love for a blog I adore, “with love, Shmon”. See first screenshot below.


Shmon’s layout is super-clean and easy to read. Her writing is friendly, open and it’s obvious she’s passionate about whatever she writes, from beauty trends to seasonal fashion to skincare. I don’t read a lot of other blogs, but hers always catches my eye in the WordPress reader, because it’s vibrant and visual. Plus, she’s adorable and I’d love to grab a latte with her and go shopping in Soho if she ever visits NYC.

See below, for her personal picks for hot leather jackets. The girl has good taste.


And if I choose to indulge (buy), Shmon posts the links (better than Pinterest!). After looking at jacket #3 up above, I clicked on a link and it unfortunately directed me to an outlet I had never heard of — Danier. Ah, in Canada. So my Canadian blogger friend, do they ship to the U.S.? See below for her “Where to get them” details.


Shmon has definitely ponied up the money to WordPress to get a better template, to be able to serve ads (which I also may add soon, I could use the dough!), and to have a URL with just her blog name (without the in it. I’m sure she also gets free products to review for her blog, smart cookie! Nothing makes a girl feel better than a free bottle of $200 skin-lightening, exfoliating moisturizer with Vitamin D and baby shark placenta.

With love,



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