Our Dog Looks Human, Too!

This is Tonik, the “human-faced dog” whose manly features have captured the attention of the interwebs, making him a much in demand adoptee — over 350 applications and growing. He looks sad and in need of a doggy bath more than anything, so I’m happy he’ll soon find a home where he can lay his human eyes on other loving human eyes.

Yesterday morning as I attempted to reach over and hit snooze on my iPhone, I encountered another human-canine mug that telepathically communicated,”Oh, no you don’t lazy ass — get out of bed and take me for a doggy walk. Now.” Maybe all dog owners come to think of their fur hounds as like-minded humans, but take a look at this face, and tell me this isn’t a human expression– especially the raised eyebrow.

Human Eyes The only part where Cosimo, a Cane Corso, loses out to Tonik is when you get past his eyes and see his “Joe Camel-esque” beak. Unfortunately, Cosimo is not up for adoption, but he does welcome play dates, trips to the dog park (or any type of grassy patch on the sidewalk) and ravioli (he is Italian, after all). He does harbor an unnatural fear of vacuums, but so do most men.

How human is your best friend?


3 thoughts on “Our Dog Looks Human, Too!

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