Being Named “Rainbow”

Yesterday afternoon around 3pm EST, a slew of texts, emails and Facebook messages poured in, all asking the same question — “Did you go to school with Holly Madison?” Holly, who?

A quick Google search displayed the pretty platinum blonde that used to shack up with Hugh Hefner and Kendra in some reality show I watched when there was nothing else on. I could never quite grasp how Holly would want to share an Octogenerian with two other women, but perhaps that was the point…less duty in the bedroom.  The last I read Hugh dissed her marriage proposal and shipped her off to a Vegas burlesque show for the rest of her 30s.  Holly, who found true love with a nightclub promoter, just became a mom and named her daughter, “Rainbow Aurora.” She was inspired by a girl she had gone to school with when she was much younger. But no, it wasn’t me.


I’m surprised this hasn’t happened sooner. I thought for sure Gwyneth’s next offspring would be the Rainbow to complete the Apple and Moses circle, but no it was a former Playboy Playmate who took my name to the headlines.

So Holly, as someone who has lived with this name for a lifetime, I have some tips to share with you. “Rainbow Aurora” is certainly a mouthful, give your little one the nickname “Bow”. It’s cute, short, and sounds much less melancholy than “Rain”.

Prepare your daughter for the barrage of questions she will get every time she is introduced to someone: Are your parents hippies?  Where’s your pot of gold?  Do you hang with leprechauns? Are you a really happy person? I usually answer the last with a look that says, “Do I look like I’m f*&king overflowing with joy?!” and then smile, but that would be scary coming from a toddler.

Remind her that “Rainbow” is a name not likely to be forgotten, ever. This is good, and this is bad. For instance, when she’s hanging out at Caesars Palace and meets a group of boys when she gets older, her name will be the only one they remember as her gaggle of girlfriends walk away. Whenever she meets someone at a party or calls customer service, they will not ask her to repeat her name. The bad part. If she dates two boys from the strip and they both casually mention to one another that they’re “seeing a Rainbow”, game over. And last, no matter how much she denies it, people will always assume you were tripping on acid when you went into labor.

That said, I commend you on giving your daughter a different name. When I become a mother, I will do the same. But sorry, I’m not sharing those names to give you inspiration for the rest of your future clan.

Rainbow Aurora, reach out when you get older, I have plenty of “Rainbow” paraphernalia to share.



5 thoughts on “Being Named “Rainbow”

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  2. Rainbow is my middle name, but it’s my go-by. I really like that I have a normal first name (Maria) because it weeds out the fakies. When an email says “Hi Maria,” I know it’s either my Dr. or spam.
    I named my daughter Sunshine. People get us mixed-up all the time. Which I think is pretty funny.
    Also, I think it can be embarrassing for people. If I have to tell someone my name again the second time I meet them it’s obvious they weren’t paying attention the first time. If I had introduced myself as “Maria” it would be more understandable that they just forgot it.
    My other daughter is named Lavinia, which poses many more problems. No one knows how to spell or pronounce it and no one can ever remember it. My Shakespeare-loving husband liked it and I thought it was pretty… but in retrospect a unique name that people will at least recognize is better than a pretty but complicated name.

    • Hi Rainbow! I always used Maria as my “normal” name when I was younger. I was a shy child, and preferred less questions. Love both your daughter’s names. If people don’t take the time to learn how to pronounce “Lavinia”, they’re not worth her time.

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