The STUFF He Buys…

They say you never really know someone until you live with them. I say you never really know someone until you see what they spend their money on. Being observant, it’s never more than a few hours before I notice the new additions a la Amazon.

Ah, some naked chicks painted in gold holding a globe that spells, THE WORLD IS YOURS. Why does this look familiar??


I’ve seen it somewhere…Oh, yeah — Scarface. “Say hello to my little friend!”


This magnet has actually helped prevent multiple, “It’s not cleeeeannn!”, “YES IT IS!!” arguments. I recommend this for all newly cohabitating couples with a dishwasher.


The Ultimate Man Grill. Its sheer size intimidates me, besides it has a gas tank and I’m afraid I’ll blow the whole townhouse up. It’s all his.

LED remotesLEDLights

No, he does not own six cars. These remotes control all the indoor LED lighting he installed. I have no idea which is for which. Or what our neighbors must think when they see the lights go from yellow to green to red to blue.

And his best investment yet — the loyal love machine, Cosimo, our Cane Corso:


What crazy stuff does your man buy?


CoupleCation Becomes Threesome With Mastiff

My boyfriend and I are parents, minus the human kid part. Our love child, Cosimo, was born furry and yelping more than two and a half years ago. We take him with us wherever we go (though Manhattan is challenging), and are always wondering if he’s bored when we’re not home.  At approx. 115 lbs. and over 5 ft. standing, our Cane Corso unfortunately can’t be toted around town in a shoulder bag.

Our romantic getaways have become DogCations. It just feels wrong to leave him behind. So far, this traveling pooch has been to Hilton Head (at 8 weeks old), the Catskills (née Dogskills), the Poconos and most recently, Montauk. The only trip he missed was Hawaii, and that’s because it’s impossible to bring a dog there — unless you’re moving!

Cosimo has even begun helping me chronicle his dog tales on



I’ve noticed recently though that he’s become especially attached to J. and steals my spot in bed when I get up,  spooning him while I’m gone. In the beginning I thought it was cute…but now I’m worried. Is it possible he’s TOO ATTACHED? Will it soon become a CoupleCation again, except only with J. and Cosi?



Am I losing my boyfriend to an Italian Mastiff? Fellow pup parents, what should I do??


Puppy Boo Boo

I’m the type of girl that is likely to faint from the sight of blood. My knees buckle, my palms get sweaty and I start looking for a spot to “land”.  Especially when it’s fresh blood, bright red,  dripping from someone I love. Someone like my puppy.

Last night upon spotting a red trail of paw prints on the hardwood floors of our apartment, I panicked. Upon further inspection, I saw a piece of Cosimo’s paw pad hanging. Instant nausea.

“J.!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come quick!! And bring a bandage!” I screamed down the stairs. You never realize how much you love someone until you see them in pain. Bandaging a 130 lb. Mastiff is a skill in itself. But he was a good sport. Meaning J. He didn’t buckle, he stayed calm, he washed, disinfected and acted as a one-man mastiff triage center.


Seems Cosi went a little wild in the park last night and took off into the woods, as children will do. Being the concerned parents, we scrambled to find the first aid kit and make sure he didn’t need to be rushed to the Vet. As someone who doesn’t have kids yet, I instantly sympathized with all my friends who do have mini-mes running around.  They have dealt with cuts, scrapes, stitches, broken limbs and far worse.

What materialized after the initial panic was immense, unconditional love. Love for my pup and love for my boyfriend who was the savior and who made everything OK. On this Valentine’s Day, I’m thankful that both my loves are healing and that they are in my life to heal me from my daily hurts, too.


Happy V Day to my man and my puppy boo boo.

With love,


Our Dog Looks Human, Too!

This is Tonik, the “human-faced dog” whose manly features have captured the attention of the interwebs, making him a much in demand adoptee — over 350 applications and growing. He looks sad and in need of a doggy bath more than anything, so I’m happy he’ll soon find a home where he can lay his human eyes on other loving human eyes.

Yesterday morning as I attempted to reach over and hit snooze on my iPhone, I encountered another human-canine mug that telepathically communicated,”Oh, no you don’t lazy ass — get out of bed and take me for a doggy walk. Now.” Maybe all dog owners come to think of their fur hounds as like-minded humans, but take a look at this face, and tell me this isn’t a human expression– especially the raised eyebrow.

Human Eyes The only part where Cosimo, a Cane Corso, loses out to Tonik is when you get past his eyes and see his “Joe Camel-esque” beak. Unfortunately, Cosimo is not up for adoption, but he does welcome play dates, trips to the dog park (or any type of grassy patch on the sidewalk) and ravioli (he is Italian, after all). He does harbor an unnatural fear of vacuums, but so do most men.

How human is your best friend?

I’ve Become the Third Wheel

Mastiff takes over

If I get up to pee in the middle of the night, I usually come back to find an imposter’s massive head smooshed into my foam pillow. His snores sound like that of a 90-year-old man as he stretches his legs and gives me a sharp kick, not letting me back in. “Doggy bed, now!” I direct as he whimpers.  J. doesn’t even notice there’s been a change of guard and thinks it’s me spooning him, when it’s really Cosimo, our 130 lb. pup.

I can’t help feeling that I’ve become the third wheel. Cosi is real competition. He licks J’s elbows in the morning (not my thing), waits outside the door while he’s in the shower (I got things to do),  looks at him with big eyes like everything he says is fascinating (I’ve already heard that story a 100x), doesn’t fight with him over the remote (I hate Tosh. O!) and wags his tail like no other (I try shaking my bootie in response).

Cosimo is obsessed with my boyfriend. He paces when J’s not home, then practically knocks him down the stairs when he walks in. He reminds me of that matted stuffed animal that followed Mark Wahlberg around in TED. They sit on the couch together, watch the Simpsons, share chicken fingers, drink beers, dogcall at other hounds out the window. The testosterone is over-flowing in this apartment…and the bros are both constantly thumping their chests and smacking paws.

J. recently sent his whole family an email titled, “Me and My Best Friend”. Opening it, I expected to see some photos of us from Hawaii, the Catskills, but no,  it was J. and Cosi swimming in the pool, J. and Cosi rolling around in the grass…J. and Cosi both yawning. Waaat?? The beast has bested me.

I don’t get it. I don’t need to be taken out for walks. I don’t piss a gallon and then step in it, making doggie pee-pee prints for half a block. I don’t drool while J’s eating and then wipe my mouth on his pants. I don’t lick my balls.  I don’t shed making his black peacoat resemble a fur jacket and most importantly — I don’t clear out the room with my doggie bombs.

So Cosi, my Cane Corso rival, watch your furry butt, it’s on! I know your tricks and I have some of my own…

You’ve Been Replaced

J., there’s someone else. It’s just that you’ve been working so much lately, and I know it’s for “Us”, but I’ve been at home alone, and I was missing you and…

He’s been there all this time…waiting…waiting for the chance to step in. Always listening to me intently with unabated curiosity and a raised brow. Everything I say to him is worthy of his attention (unless he’s eating).  He flirts and bats his lashes my way and breathes hot, heavy steamy kisses in my ear while murmuring sweet sounds. He licks my neck — REALLY licks it. He hates it when I cry, when I pace and he hates it even more when I yell.

I feel safe when I clutch on to his broad, muscular chest, thick neck and am temporarily blinded when he flashes his sparkling, killer set of teeth my way. If anyone stares at me a second too long, he will bite their f*ckin head off! And that makes me feel really desirable, especially the way he protectively leaps in front of me backing his butt into my knees.

So maybe it’s time you move to the spare room upstairs and just let us be. I’d like him to cuddle with me for more than nap time or those five minutes in the dead of night when you run to the bathroom. He’s not a bed-warmer, he’s my baby.

Bet you never thought you’d have to worry about THIS Italian stud. What do you think my mom will think if I marry a mastiff? Yeah, as long as I get married, she won’t care…and I’ve done a little research (it’s legal in Bali), and don’t worry you’re totally invited to the wedding, who did you think was going to give me away?

Back to Us


After a day spent wandering the woods, creek and little country town (one pizza place, one gas station and one video rental store), J. is setting up Battleship. Board games = Adult entertainment in the mountains. I would personally love some Hungry, Hungry Hippos action right about now, but my choices are limited. We got Scrabble (maybe after another glass of wine), Monopoly (nah, that will lead to real estate talk)…and Battleship, (looks like a ghetto laptop for children).

This getaway is good for us — crickets, cicadas, spiders and all. Gone for a few days is the noise of our city life.  We’re back to basics. J. + R., R. + J. and…the pooch!  Now, if I could just get him out of our bed– that big, furry third wheel!