Your Girlfriends’ Boyfriends

As we weave our way through our 20s and 30s, we watch as our girlfriends’ boyfriends become fiances, become husbands, become fathers, become real men. And sadly, some boyfriends become husbands, become ex-husbands, become the spawn of Satan.

The wagers we secretly cast among ourselves at each engagement party, at each wedding reception take light as the years pass.

We now know the real relationship begins when the honeymoon is over.  Some of the couples we deemed ‘least likely to make it’  have become the strongest and the happiest. All we can do is respect our friends’ decisions, hope they respect ours and be there. Be there when they’re blush and bursting with love and be there when they’re quietly staring out the window over our shoulders.  In the mean time, we will go out and celebrate and down the cocktails and hug and whisper, and smile, because for today, we are all exactly where we’re supposed to be.