The Booty Call Girl Never Wins

I share. Sometimes I overshare. I’m not a private person. What’s the point of this journey if I can’t help others overcome the same crap I’ve just gone through?

Ask me whatever you want and most of the time (unless it’s a really sensitive subject), I will give you a completely honest answer.

If you want to Google-stalk me and nitpick through the details of my life, feel free, I am flattered. Flattered that you find me interesting enough to obsess over my words and dissect my actions. There’s enough about me that’s public on the web. I am a digital strategist, so wouldn’t I suck at my job if I weren’t actively engaging on the platforms I promote every day?

I try not to judge you. I’ve been out there. We all have. Out there in the hooking up/dating/more than dating/totally together/go fuck yourself/drunk dialing/back together/off again/on again roller coaster. There is a reason why some couples stay together and some can’t stand each other. I’ve accepted my past relationship failures, why not try and accept yours?

Find someone that calls you before 1am. Find someone that calls you when they’re sober.  Find someone that doesn’t keep you a secret.

BUT DON’T EVER – put me down or underestimate me! I remember seeing your late-night texts pop up on his iPhone way back when. The booty call girl never wins. You lost a long time ago. Goodbye.