Thank You Sandy!

Even after witnessing the zombified masses assaulting every aisle in the grocery store today, after locking down the furniture on the rooftop, after receiving numerous calls/texts/prayers from both my alarmist mum who lives in Staten Island and antsy father who lives about 20 feet from Rockaway Beach — I’m thankful for Hurricane Sandy. Sure, she’s a pain in the ass and getting larger by the hour (like Kirstie Alley after she stopped swallowing Ex Lax), but she is also a GIVER. A giver of a day off from school and work. She is providing me with more hours to sleep, more time to cuddle with my puppy and boyfriend, and an unexpected holiday from routine. The daily grind of shower, subway, coffee, work, grad school, dinner, study, read, sleep — needed to be broken. At least for a day. Maybe if I’m lucky it will be two days.

Ah, how I look forward to not hearing the alarm clock in the A.M., to not putting my underwear on backwards in my morning frenzy, to not tumbling down the subway stairs to catch the B train as the doors are about to shut in my face!

Rest, sweet rest. So Sandy, I hope you’re not too hard on us, maybe just a little bit of flooding that quickly recedes…by Thursday.